Who We Are

Kalpana Samtani


Born, brought up and educated in Gibraltar and UK, Kalpana moved to Mumbai in 1991. She gave birth to her daughter in 1992.


It was only at the age of 2 yrs. when she did not start talking as normal children do, that investigations revealed her hearing impairment. She was immediately fitted with appropriate hearing aids and enrolled for an early intervention program with a speech and hearing specialist. She was also enrolled in a regular play group and there was no looking back. She continued to study in regular school throughout her education and today, she is following her dreams and working in Digital Marketing. 


Her son who also has hearing loss, is doing well in college and has a passion and talent for music. As a mother, Kalpana has ensured that both kids had the support and security to cope with various challenges and today they are both independent, thriving and most importantly, happy.