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Scholarships, Prizes, Awards

Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation offers scholarships, prizes and awards for higher education to Hearing Impaired students of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

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Application Process

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Applications for scholarships are invited in the first week of July every year through press release in all the leading newspapers and magazines of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Similarly, circulars are sent to all the deaf schools in Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

By this time most of the results are announced for that year. The scholarships are given at SSC, HSC, Graduate and Post Graduate levels. Over a period, several awards have been introduced for academic excellence. Two new ‘Study Abroad Scholarships’ have been introduced in 2017, one each, for those hearing impaired students who are going abroad to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree program in any reputed college or university in any country.

All application forms are available on the foundation’s website. Students can download them and submit duly filled application forms along with necessary documents between 1st July to 31st August. These are accepted at the administrative office of the trust in Vadodara by post or courier. 
Scholarships, Prizes and Special Awards, strictly based on merit are distributed to the recipients in the first week of October every year. 

Application Forms

Application Forms


7 awards are given for academic excellence to the top 7 students every year.

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